Drilling water wells.

Drilling water wells.

LLC “Voda-ST” offers services for drilling water wells in Moscow and the Moscow region, as well as in a number of nearby regions. We create turnkey wells. Extensive experience and high professionalism of our employees, the availability of the necessary equipment allow us to successfully solve problems, regardless of their degree of complexity and fulfill the wishes of customers.

Main types of wells.

A well for water is necessary for the owners of a country house or summer cottage that are not connected to a centralized water supply system. Otherwise, the water will have to be carried in buckets from the well, and this is not very convenient..

Water in a suburban area is needed for various reasons:

to drink it and prepare food; for sanitary purposes: wash hands, wash clothes; for technical needs: watering the garden

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and vegetable garden, washing the car and garden tools.

Our company drills artesian wells. Drilling is carried out at a depth of up to 250 meters..

Each variety has its own merits..

The main advantage of sand wells, or, as they are also called, sand wells, is the relatively low cost of work. However, it must be borne in mind that:

since the aquifers are overlain by lenses, it is not always possible to find water on the site, even if the neighbors have it – it all depends on the geological features of the area; the water that you get from such a source is only suitable for sanitary and technical needs, as it contains impurities. In order for it to become potable, it is necessary to install purification equipment, which entails additional costs; well service life – up to about 15 years; performance is rather low, which is not very good if you live in a suburban area for a long time and you need a regular water supply.

The creation of an artesian type well is more expensive. But she has a number of indisputable advantages:

suitable aquifers can be found almost everywhere; service life is up to 50 years; you get clean water suitable for drinking, because it rises from great depths, passes through many layers of soil and is thus purified; the performance is quite high, which makes it convenient to use, even if you constantly need a large volume of water.

How much does drilling work cost.

We carry out turnkey drilling and completion of wells both in the Moscow region and in a number of districts of the Tula and Oryol regions. The cost of work starts from 2000 rubles. The exact amount is determined individually, and the manager of Voda-ST LLC will tell you. It is calculated after:

the client’s water needs become known; our specialists will analyze the site.

The site also has a calculator that allows you to independently calculate the approximate cost of work.

The price is influenced by many factors, including:

the type of well and the depth to which it needs to be drilled; the number of casing pipes, the material from which they are made; the price per meter of soil passing – it depends both on its composition and on the geological features of the area.

LLC “Voda-ST” accepts orders from clients with different budgets. Our employees are trying to find a mutually beneficial solution. For example, if a low level of water consumption is assumed, you can optimize the cost of drilling a well by reducing its diameter..

You can pay for our services in various ways. The following options are available:

cash; by bank card; Bank transaction; on credit; through terminals in the MFC; by installments.

How we are working.

We work with customers with different budgets. With a low level of water consumption, it is possible to optimize the costs of constructing a well by reducing its diameter. Approximate prices for services are indicated in the price list on the pages of our website.

For an individual consultation, please contact the company’s employees.

You can pay for services in cash, by credit card, bank transfer and on credit. We also accept payment through terminals at the MFC.

Well depth map in the Moscow region.

There is a map on our website where you can see the wells drilled by our employees and evaluate their characteristics. When creating a well, it is necessary to take into account the location of the aquifers and the depth of their occurrence..

How is drilling done.

Well drilling is a work that is divided into several stages. It must be trusted only by experienced specialists who are well aware of all the subtleties of this process..

After we accept the order, an employee of Voda-ST LLC will come to your site. Its task is to study the terrain so that drillers know exactly in what situation they will have to work. Specialist:

analyzes the relief and soil; determines the optimal location for the well; finds out if there is access to electricity.

The next stage is preparatory. In order to quickly prepare for drilling operations, at the previous stage, the specialist must collect as much accurate data as possible. It is necessary to make sure that there is no power line over the place of the proposed drilling.

It may be necessary to organize the transportation of equipment to the drilling site. It may be necessary to backfill the site.

Further, the drilling process begins directly. The equipment will arrive at your site exactly at the agreed time. Employees of LLC “Voda-ST” will quickly prepare the equipment for work and begin to create a well.

We use large-sized rigs that allow us to drill wells at the depth required by the customer..

The duration of the work is largely determined by the speed of passage, which, in turn, is influenced by the type of soil, as well as the depth of the proposed well. When drilling is complete, a plastic or metal casing is placed in the finished well..

The last stage is water quality control. After that, the customer signs the well acceptance certificate. He receives a certificate of the well, which indicates its characteristics.

The information in this document is useful at the well completion stage – for the selection and installation of equipment, for example, an automatic pump.

Experts disassemble the equipment and leave, leaving the well ready for operation to the client.

All work performed is guaranteed:

artesian wells – 3 years; installation of equipment – 1 year.

All services are provided at a high professional level. By contacting us, you will have at your disposal a well that will ensure uninterrupted water supply for many years..

Our company employs experienced professionals, true masters of their craft. We have several drilling crews and can work simultaneously in several areas.

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