Review: Engraver DIOLD MED-2 MF.

Review: Engraver DIOLD MED-2 MF.

It is sold in a case, which is good news. Although the case is quite thin, the plastic flexes under the fingers. But at least some for the price. The handle of the case is also flimsy, but the fasteners are quite good.

Enough for a while. There is no special work for him, I just wanted to see what kind of tool it is and how it works. Comes with a set of nozzles.

They are, of course, cheap Chinese, but a lot. For amateur work, it will last for a long time. He himself is not heavy, the weight distribution is normal. For 20 minutes of work, you don’t get tired. And then it is still advisable to give him 3-5 minutes of rest.

Six speeds, I worked at first and sixth. They differ markedly. There is also a loop for mounting on a stand. Well, or you can hook on the belt)))) It turns on simply. There was no smell of Chinese plastic at all!

I didn’t warm up for a long time. So far I tried to cut off nails of a hundred square meters with them (I just wanted to check how he cuts) – I did it perfectly! I made woodcarving with the child, all the same the nozzle is a little bit, but

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there is backlash.

Professionals won’t like it, but we didn’t really notice it. Bottom line: I am satisfied with the purchase, for student work it is quite a worthy tool. If you just pamper, then there is no point in immediately taking an expensive and professional.

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